Hi, I just found this site through Facebook. My twin 19yr olds are as different as hot and cold except they prefer to stay home sans friends and - like dad - are electronic gurus. Both graduated high school, child A is 2E but does the least amount of work to get through a project or task; does have "friends" through online groups and is oh so wise to the traps of grooming, etc (our discussions are incredibly insightful) and can hold their own in adult conversations but with peers gets bored easily. Child B is all about science, robotics, animals and while meticulous in what is asked, just does what is asked. Neither take the initiative to start a project nor think if/what next steps could or should be taken; similar to actions steps towards a goal. Both with individual chore and expectation lists, child A needs reminders or will take days to complete chores. Child B is on top of chores but long-term tasks, even when broken down to smaller chunks, need reminders. I'm excited to have found the "Having Accountability Conversation:The XYZ Method" and the "Holding Boundaries Resource Guide" and look forward to reading both. Exhausted doesn't begin to express my emotions. Agencies and support? Everyone and everything "is not there just yet." Still on wait lists 10yrs so far) for another 6-7 years. I'm not looking for handouts, I've been a parent volunteering and nonprofit advocate for 12 years (school district, community, county, state) and happily guilty of supporting other families. Then again those I help have children younger than mine. It's as if my family is ahead of the game as far as support hasn't been established yet. Ideas, advice, suggestions?

Posted by stinkerbell2001 at 2022-07-11 15:33:06 UTC