Update to my previous posts: I just had a literal revelation. I went to rehearsal last Saturday (May 18) and was running into a lot of issues with someone in the class who is A) an adult in a teens class (easily 10 years older than us), and B) doesn't allow anyone to speak C) a long time student under this teacher and finally, D) injured herself but expects everyone else to dance despite their injuries, even if recent. I always perform well when they aren't there but perform horribly when they are due to running me into tables, walls, etc. and constantly making contact such as kicking/hitting me while they are dancing. This person was constantly running me off and into things and almost made me crush a costume worth thousands of dollars for the show because they demanded all the space, also they almost kicked me in the face, did actually kick me in the arm, etc. I brought it up with the teacher (typed out over my notes app) and asked her to talk to her at dress rehearsal but not mention my name. The teacher agreed to talk with her at dress rehearsal. Went to dance Monday, then Tuesday (another teacher), and on Thursday is when they told me I was going to have an understudy. This could be a complete coincidence but it seems that is the only explanation for her sudden change in demeanor. The only other explanation I can think of is when the other teacher kept telling me to take my mask off and I said due to medical reasons I couldn't but I would take it off when I could. She asked if I would have it off for recital and I told her yes. That's the only two explanations I can think of but thay last one seems more unlikely since it was longer ago. I'm thinking of leaving it alone but I might text her what I said on the previous post if someone thinks that it isn't mean. I've already gotten some trial classes with another studio that is closer and it seems I might just have to change studios (again... this one lasted less than the older one but it seems the time with this studio is turning into the same as my old one). On this same topic, all of my friendships/relationships end in either me being invisible or manipulated. The only relationships I have kept for a long time is two of my friends from high school (long distance now that we are all going to seperate colleges, one graduated two years ago, the other last year, and me in December), an unofficial "adoptive" grandmother, and my mom (kinda toxic but I don't really open up with her, I did open up with her on the phone to stop me from crying driving home on Thursday with what happened at dance). I got some tips on how to be less invisible but how do I not be as manipulated? It's like once they do it once they find ways to continue to manipulate me. One of Morgan Foley's videos on Youtube (Autistic Struggles with Friendship) explained this pattern perfectly and I finally recognized it. All of my friendships ended when I finally got tired of them taking advantage of me (trying to get answers for school, convincing me to give them money or things, etc. and the one my mom still keeps up they easily make us spend thousands of dollars and make us pay for lodging and food somehow). How do I prevent this? What are some red flags to stop it before it gets to that point? How do you end a friendship nicely without burning a bridge before they start taking advantage/manipulating you?

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-05-27 01:06:37 UTC