Ideas to help combat sensory sensitivities with the dishwasher? I have a scrub brush/wand, but dishes are regularly left in the sink for me to do hours later without even being at the minimum rinsed out. Whenever I mention anything to my mom just kindly requesting she rinses it out she makes up a bunch of excuses which are obviously lies and tells me "back off" in a rude, snappy tone. There is regularly raw meat left in the sink or blood from raw meat left in the sink. She regularly cooks things she knows I can't have and then gets mad at me when I tell her I can't have them, etc. Then, I am forced to clean up all the dishes when I get home late at night. If nobody has left raw meat in the sink in a 78-80 degree house it stinks and gets crusted on so well that it is pretty much impossible to get off. She piles things on me constantly and complains when she randomly does them and doesn't give me a chance. However, whenever she finally does it she leaves things like crusted animal blood on plates where meat has thawed out on and other things that are extremely hard to clean. Any ideas for sensory sensitivities to the dishes?

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-05-25 01:30:27 UTC