I thought my dance studio that I just joined was different. Turns out, it isn't.... Someone had a birthday tonighr and they went out of their way to provide someone with dietary restrictions an alternative treat. I never got any word of this. This same scenario happened literally Saturday with someone else's birthday. They come in with a cake, cupcakes, bags of popcorn, gatorade, etc. I can't have any of it. I left about 30 minutes early from class because of it. I told her in advance because she has a rule where she has to walk us down so nobody gets "kidnapped." She let me go after I explained I was going to go ahead and go since I couldn't have anything and wanted to get home. Right before this (literally 5 minutes before) the teacher came and said they were giving me an understudy in case I couldn't make recital due to chronic illness. I was devasted. I've never had an understudy and had more dance time in previous recitals than I have in this one. 5 minutes later they come in with a cake and I was even more devasted because they will give me an understudy and will go out of their way to make sure someone else has food they can eat but I get nothing??? It's not even that I didn't get to have anything to eat. It's being forgotten about. I am always forgotten about. I am always invisible. Always interupted. Always ignored. I literally don't exist unless someone needs me for something. I thought this relationship was different. According to patterns and literally every relationship in the past, I have a good run of about 2-6 months then I am forgotten about and invisible (once it happens one time, it happens over and over again). It's been about 5 months at this studio. How the heck do I become no longer invisible? It's almost like once I am no longer a "new" thing I am forgotten about. Why? How do I prevent this??

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-05-24 03:48:03 UTC