The lifecoaching that was presented to my mom and I as lifecoaching but billed as ABA to provide insurance coverage is quickly turning into ABA. At first, it was not helpful, we changed the BCBA and it was helpful for about 2 weeks. Now, it is quickly turning into ABA and the company is not providing resources for them to pay for activities that the therapist does. (Often eating our meals with us, using up all our resources, and trying to get us to spend money to go out and do things when we have very limited funds.) The BCBA has now turned to ABA as the main fundamental and when I voiced I wanted to quit with my mom, she quickly turned to guilt-tripping (oh you need help and I can see that, give me some more time). Now, my mom believes it and is going to suffer more financially and they refuse to decrease my hours. It is quickly becoming emotionally, mentally, and physically taxing but nobody will listen to me (I'm just a dumb kid after all). I am regularly waking up, having these sessions from 7-11am or 7-12am, then going to OT and ST from 11am-1pm, then going to eat lunch, taking a small 1 hour break, running errands, then going to dance until 9pm. Nobody will listen to me and if I just walk out with the therapist here I will be labeled as a risk and they will continue this. How do I get my voice heard? I can't do another 2 weeks of this. I am seeing my first person at 7am and seeing my last person at 9pm. Many people in my care team agree but the BCBA (formerly lifecoach) is saying I just need more "stamina and endurance." Heck no, that's not my problem. My problem is being overworked and many people in my care team have voiced that they think I will reach burnout very soon and they don't want me getting into burnout.

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-05-23 13:07:01 UTC