Hi I’m new here, found this app by accident I currently have an undiagnosed 9yr old initial nuero said adhd, resilient families a support network have said possible aspie with pda but was told it would be another 30months on Friday till he was seen to get an official diagnosis I feel so desperate my family is literally tearing apart I have two older kids from another marriage and my partner all we get at the moment from LO is rage and screaming my older kids just stay in their rooms cos they are fed up with everything me and my partner who is possibly aspie too and I understand why he is doing it and we are trying everything that has been suggested but I don’t know if I can live this nightmare anymore I have bipolar with bad I’m so utterly depressed the support people only have a couple more weeks with us

Posted by Vegetablet at 2022-07-10 15:15:52 UTC