Can anyone help me to see what I don't see about this situation? Background: I have AMPS, hEDS, and many comorbidities related to Autism. My hEDS means some days I don't have the strength to even walk to the door from a parking lot. Because of my diagnoses we were finally able to get a handicap placard and license plate. We are also in the process of getting a motorized scooter/wheelchair and I just got forearm crutches in the mail. My mom was the one who wanted me to get a wheelchair. I was fine with it but I was only going to use it when injured (chronic injury) or when at my college campus and not having the strength to walk that far. Otherwise, I was going to use the forearm crutches or nothing at all. I also don't want my strength deteriorating from not walking or doing other exercise and using a motorized wheelchair all the time. When I got them in the mail, I called my physical therapy place and asked if I could bring my forearm crutches for them to set up tomorrow for my correct dimensions (height, leg height, arm height, etc.) and they said yes. I simply informed my mom I was going to bring them to physical therapy tomorrow and told her to keep the box they came in just in case we needed to return them. She immediately snapped at me and said "Well I don't think you really need them anyways." I told her I was sorry and didn't mean to make her mad. I then asked her once she had cooled down and said "I'm not wanting an argument and I am not trying to make you mad. Out of curiousty, why do you think I need a wheelchair but not forearm crutches-" She interuppted me and said that the wheelchair is for college and that the forearm crutches are not needed. I explained to her about muscle atrophy and how muscles can deteriorate if you do not use them regularly. I explained to her that I was going to use the forearm crutches if I didn't need the wheelchair but also couldn't walk far. Also, I am going to use them for injuries or when my joints are stiff due to things like drastic weather changes. She immediately got mad and offended and said that she still didn't think I needed the forearm crutches. Is there something I am missing here? She was in the doctor's office when I went for my wheelchair evaluation and the doctor even said to not use crutches, specifically she said "Don't touch your crutches with a 10 foot pole. You need to use forearm crutches instead so they don't give you more issues with your hypermobility, nerve issues, and so you don't get nerve damage if you use them often." From what I see, I need the forearm crutches so I have a mid-point and also so my muscles aren't deteriorating and so I can still use said muscles. Can someone help me to see her POV?

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-05-21 02:41:27 UTC