Anyone have any ideas or tips for how to use austistic inertia to your advantage? I know what it is such as having trouble transitioning but I also know it can give great motivation if you manage to start doing something (i.e. you put off cleaning up your room but once you get started you don't want to stop and transition to something else). I also have ADHD, AMPS (amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome) hEDS (hypermobility ehler's danlos syndrome), and more, so when I begin a task that is already a huge accomplishment in of itself. Any ideas? I just got my shower and Ihave had a ton of motivation within the past like 15-20 minutes to clean my bathroom (finally) and begun it while the water was getting warm. I am about to start after I finish up using the restroom. Any ideas on how to keep the inertia and motivation going?

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-05-20 02:36:15 UTC