Hello! I am new here and hoping to get your thoughts/guidance. What is the best way to encourage my adult son, who is living with roommates and has a good job now, to get a dental appt? He’s never been dx’d with Asperger’s, however looking back he has so many or the qualities, and he has severe anxiety and depression at times. He has dental insurance, and I’ve mentioned it to him a few months ago he can get a check up & cleaning but he doesn’t go. His dental hygiene is very poor, the times I have visited him I can tell he’s not brushing. His overall hygiene isn’t great either. But he’s moved so much in the past several years to being happier, getting out of a toxic roommate situation and finding steady employment, I see his progress. And our relationship has significantly improved, now when he calls he is happy and much more conversational. There is much less anger & conflict. I see him moving out of defense mode, but I worry about his dental & physical hygiene. Any thoughts and/or guidance is much appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by rubybutterfly@comcast.net at 2024-05-19 17:53:05 UTC