Hello All, I have just joined this community and I’m so grateful to be here. I am a 100% solo parent of an amazing 14 yr old son who has been identified at age 12 as gifted and ASD1, ADHD. My question is: What are some school accommodations that those of you on the spectrum (or parents of similar kids) had or wish you had that I can ask for during his upcoming transitional IEP meeting to help him in high school next year and beyond? This will be long to give background so thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read it. And I’m sure much of it will sound familiar to some of you. We have been through hell since he was 3 yrs old trying to figure out why life was so difficult. He moved schools several times and had awful things done to him in all environments. He was hospitalized twice at age 9 which was traumatic and didn’t help. Of all the “therapies” and programs and money spent, the most helpful was a county program that was a collaboration with his elementary school and home. However, this was for behavior only since he was not yet diagnosed when he was referred to that program. Fast forward to now, he’s about to finish middle school and start high school in the fall. He’s been in the honor society at school all three years of middle school and should culminate with honors. However, the past couple of months he’s been messing up, failing assignments and tests and not being honest about when he has homework or tests which I find out about after it’s too late. He’s also been angry and missing school due to refusal to go and sleeping all day. My guess is that he’s overwhelmed and terrified of the transition to high school and all that comes with it. He has told me that he is scared he won’t be able to do anything for himself and that he will be a failure in life. Honestly, I do worry about his executive functioning deficits getting in the way of his independence and success in life. But I’m also optimistic that once he finds his passion, he will excel. Hoping to hear from anyone with insights on how to support him during this transition and how to also foster some independence. I cannot let him fail and suffer the consequences as has been suggested to me by those who don’t understand. Thanks so much in advance for any feedback!

Posted by JennyP at 2024-05-16 19:35:42 UTC