Can gross/fine motor skills develop or worsen later in life? I’ve always had fine motor skills in my hands, but have never noticed anything in my walk except recently. They don’t hurt, and I’ve taken epson salt baths to see if it was just muscles being sore (even though there was no pain present). But about 2 months ago, I noticed my hands began to weaken further and become stiffer. They’re functional, but it’s like they’re restless and stiff. It’s a really weird feeling, and my lower legs have been feeling it recently too. Before I never noticed a thing, but now it’s hard to walk like I used to (like an average person). They’re stiffer and feel weird whenever I try to walk straight. Balancing has always been an issue, but it’s worse now. I don’t know if I should be medically concerned, or should just write it off as another autistic thing and move on. I’m 16, and have level 2 autism. I’m functional, but my autism worsened after an extremely traumatic incident. I was diagnosed after the incident. I don’t know much about autism, so I’m turning to this app because Google says I have a brain tumor and will die within 24 hours if I don’t have emergency surgery.

Posted by Atlx.ntic at 2024-05-15 23:53:39 UTC