Anyone else have an extreme fear of fire, heat, or anything else really? I have a fear of fire, extreme heat (not like hot summer day, like an oven or something), or anything that is classified as obviously deadly. That extends to weapons, too. My fear is getting worse to where I am petrified to use the oven (pans are okay as long as the thing on top is not popping up), and I don't like fire and get scared if I am outside while fireworks are going off. Any tips on how to get over this fear? I know it is going to take time and I am willing to do anything. I need to eat stuff other than microwaveable meals and my very limited selection of fast food/restaurants (mostly chipotle....) due to diet reasons. I can make a simple grilled cheese or some scrambled eggs but that is pretty much it. I am scared of everything else. Also tips to get over the sensory overwhelm of touching raw meat? I hate the feeling, it feels disgusting and has made me throw up before on numerous occasions.

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-05-15 01:55:17 UTC