It's exhausting having to play the role of each individual person's own personal idea of who you are and what normal is throughout the day. If you unmask or you slip with the wrong person, suddenly it feels as though you're just not worthy of respect nor actual empathy. It feels like you can't be given the dignity of simple human conversations and communication if you are not constantly bending to the will of each individual persona that each individual person has in their own individual imaginations! ......this is on top of normal masking.... I am having such a difficult time right now "keeping up with the Normies" just to survive each day one at a time. However, when I meet a new person, and I introduce myself as high functioning autistic and bad ADHD right away, they don't seem to have as severe an imaginary version of myself for me to be forced to live up to in order for me to meet my basic daily living ideals...I also feel happier, free, and myself for once. The question then stands to be answered, what about the other people that I can't just boot out of my life; the ones who have the strange concept that I must mask certain ways in order to have enough respect from them to even be treated like a human being?

Posted by youwontrememberme123 at 2024-05-15 00:07:55 UTC