My mom juat started a big fight. She caused me to go to bed late last night because I did everything she wanted. She then added on a million things on top of what I was doing. Now, she started an argument right in front of my lifecoach, who had no idea what to do and was petrified, and keeps saying that I take an hour to get showers and whatever else but then refuses to realize that I am acticely cutting back down. It took me an hour to take two showers last night. I forgot a banana that was in my lunch box that SHE moved out of my sight and made me forget it (moved it from the counter to a cabinet). It got all rotten and moldy and the way she put it in the sink caused me to get a ton of splash back by simply turning on the water. SHE bought a ton more dishes and made me clean them. I'm now crying because she won't let me end my 6 hour lifecoach session early because I am exhausted and scared I will actually fall asleep while driving because dance is mandatory right now and I have to go there and to physical therapy, and I am seriously tempted to just end all sessions all together because my mom refuses to help me do anything for myself and is making me look like the bad guy, constantly lying and blaming everything on me so whenever I am asked to do something to practice on skills based on my mom's lies, I do them and they immediately remove them from my goals and she gets mad. I understand she might be borderline personality or narcissistic but it is really hard to stop taking things personally when she is ruining my life and harming my mental health. She also constantly expects me to do things while hurt (expected me to walk right after my knee surgery) which also hurts my physical health. I'm probably overeacting and probably just emotional but I feel like I am stuck and have no way out. Help please.

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-05-14 15:59:08 UTC