Any suggestions for the following situation?: So I have an appointment today with my GYN. My mom has an appointment right after so most of the time they just bring us in the same room. My mom gets mad when I ask to talk to someone privately so I can't just outright ask her to step out. She also often tries to listen in (she has read my diaries before so that's not suprising). How can I tell the doctor, discretely, that my mom's menopause levels need to be checked because she is supposed to be in Year 2 or 3 but her PCP says she is in Year 5. I believe that her menopause is the cause of majority of our issues. She is very forgetful (like early dementia which also runs in our family because they tend to get it at 50-60, and she has a few more years to go), she is EXTREMELY exhausted all the time, her ADHD has significantly gotten worse, she has major mood swings and thinks I am showing an "attitude" and then gaslights me into thinking nothing happened/I was the problem, she is having major temperature swings to the point that I am sweating all the time because she turns the heat on in the middle of summer weather, and many more things. I also want to ask her if there is a medicine she can give her to help regulate her hormones and these symptoms because most of them have gotten worse within the past 4-5 years. I am also in semi-menopause due to my medicines but the doctor says I should not have any signs of menopause other than temperature swings and night sweats. I don't have temperature swings but I do have night sweats. She says that I shouldn't have any mood symptoms because I am not in actual menopause (I asked that before because of how bad it was getting with my mom). I still have my monthly cycle but it is not as heavy and I don't have PMDD (pre and post) anymore, so that doesn't contribute to my emotional state either. I often feel as if I am the problem, as seen by the questions I have asked my doctors, but it is quickly appearing to me that I am not the problem. I may be sometimes, but most of this stuff is not my fault. TL:DR: Suggestions? I have about 6 hours before the appointment. I need to discretely tell the GYN so that way my mom doesn't know it was me but I don't know how to do that. I also need to inform the GYN to not let my mom know any of it came from me. Her symptoms are getting way out of hand and are starting to harm me mentally.

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-05-13 11:25:48 UTC