My mom ordered out and refused to let me cook anything for myself. With my new diet she knows I can't eat out because I am not allowed to have many things (spices are even limited to just salt). She forced me to have what she got at a fast food place. Well, my body retaliated and I had to get a shower because of it. Before I ate, I fed my dog and took her out. She did her business and then let me know it was time to go back in. I eat, then run to the bathroom and didn't make it in time. While I am in the bathroom, my mom bursts in (like how you slam a door shut, just she slammed it open) so hard that it hit the wall and I felt the wall shake without even touching the actual wall... She yells at me telling me that my dog is outside and that I need to come clean her off. I tell her that I literally can't get up right now and she yells at me that she'll do it, and she said it in a tone that lets me know she is not happy with me, or as she says she isn't mad she is "frustrated." She leaves my door open, and then cleans my dog off, and then my dog runs and jumps in my bed. (She doesn't clean my dog off properly and often leaves mud and stuff all over her paws and everything else.) I yell (because I am in the bathroom not my bedroom) and say "Out, ____(dog's name)" my dog won't get out. I keep saying it because at this point I can't do much. All the while, I am getting on the camera in my room. Eventually, my mom comes and gets her out and closes my door but I am convinced she knew exactly what she was doing. I just washed my sheets yesterday and am now having to rewash them because there is all sorts of stuff like mud and dog waste on it. When I was putting it in the washing machine, I noticed my mom's door was closed and she was running the bath water. I needed laundry detergent, which she keeps in her bathroom and refuses to let me move it, and I tell her I need laundry detergent. She lets out the classic "huff and puff" as she calls it, that she does when she gets mad and yells to come in. I get detergent and while I am getting it I tell her that she needs to stop expecting me to be able to immediately stop going to the bathroom to do whatever she wants (she is notorious for it and even expects it when I am getting a shower). I told her that I am now having to get a shower because I had a major problem in the bathroom, after eating. And, I am having to wash sheets since my dog jumped up all over them. (When I was saying this I was trying to say so very calmly and not get her mad.) She then tells me "It's mother's day, I don't want to fight. She needed to go number 2 and didn't go earlier." I calmy reply that she did go and she interupts and says "No she didn't" while trying to overpower my volume level. I then say to her "No, she did her business. She did not need to." While I am walking out after saying that she is yelling at me and giving me an earful about no she didn't and is trying to gaslight me. Now because of her, I am having to waste all my energy that I already didn't have from what she was requiring me to do all day, and do my sheets just so I can even sleep tonight. Likely, they won't even be done in time and my heating blanket and comforter really shouldn't be washed this often but she keeps doing this stupid stuff which is making me have to wash it more. Same reason why my last one broke and why this one already has a hole near the port (where you plug it in so it can be turned on and everything). Not just a small hole either, a giant one. What do I do? I thought I was being nice but she just keeps getting mad. I just want peace but she keeps doing stupid stuff like this, destroying my things, and stealing my money. I plan to move out once I can sign legal documents and once I have enough saved up so that way I can pay a down-payment and a fee instead of having a co-signer (my mom is in massive debt due to her mistakes so can't even co-sign anything). For now though, I won't be able to until at least next fall. I am even planning on opening a secret bank account for large amounts of money like scholaships and stuff so my mom can't find a way to get into it or guilt-trip me into getting any money for herself. At times I also feel selfish because she does provide for me and give me a house and food, but at the same time when I buy stuff out of my own money she destroys them, steals my money, etc. Most of her excuses are that I need to pay her back for all these years of her housing me and whatever else. But aren't you supposed to house a child? I'm not the one that chose to be born. Aren't you supposed to care for them without any expectation of being paid back because they are literally your responsibility? I can understand the pay back being taking care of your parents when they are older and can't care for themselves but my mom definitely can.

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-05-12 23:08:15 UTC