What are the benefits of a full psych-eval? I have been officially diagnosed with ADHD, Level 2 Autism, and Anxiety. I have been unofficially diagnosed with PTSD, and OCD related to Autism. I have self-diagnosed with CPTSD. I also believe I have Level 1 Autism that was misdiagnosed with Level 2 due to the CPTSD. I'm on a ton of mental health medication meds. My ADHD ones help but have severe side effects. I am waiting for a medication check with my doctor so that way I can discuss other non-stimulant ADHD meds. I have anxiety meds and they helped, wore off, changed them, helped, wore off, and am currently changing them now. Are there options for OCD and CPTSD/PTSD that I may not be getting? I'm in therapy but don't feel like it really helps. Partly because I am scared of telling my therapist most things (part of the PTSD/CPTSD) and have just gained the courage with certain things. The OCD, therapy is not helping with AT ALL. Anxiety: therapy is also not helping with. I did CBT for all my diagnoses (Autism, AMPS, chronic pain, ADHD, anxiety, etc.) but it notably made everything worse, including pain, because it made me more aware of things, especially pain. It brought attention to things more. I am currently in OT and ST for the Autism, hEDS, and others. I am doing lifecoaching (billed under ABA for insurance coverage) and that is helping but we have just started so it is just started helping due to not having enough time yet. I also have PT for my hEDS (full-body, not injury related). I also have a chiropractor/PT clinic treating me for a recent back and ankle injury (not adjustments, he pushes on the muscles to activate them, makes you really sore and it hurts but it helps a lot, and then you do PT exercises, stretching, rolling out, etc. straight after in order to start healing while the muscles are loose and activated). I have been treated by this clinic before for numerous things and can attest that it works long-term. I quit having headaches until I got a concussion and major stressors in my life again and that was the only reason it came back. I quit having pain in my ankle until I sprained it again, and have stopped having pain in my knee (my reinjuries were not due to them, it was due to hEDS which I never got proper help for until recently, so assuming you are otherwise healthy and have been treated and diagnosed properly, long-term works for 80-90% of patients). Would a full psych-eval actually do anything else for me at this point?

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-05-11 03:37:16 UTC