Update: My ballet teacher, M, is still pressuring me to take off my mask during class because she can see that I am "having a hard time breathing" and says she bases it off of my mask "sucking in and out." That's a terrible way of telling anything. She says she doesn't want me to "pass out or something." I explained to her that I have a mask on for medical reasons and can't take it off. She asked if I would have it off during recital and I told her yes because it is an exception. For recital, I will be on a bigger stage, in a bigger area, and it is only one day so it isn't that big of a deal, as long as I stay away from people who are coughing/sneezing, etc. On Tuesday, she tried pressuring me again to take it off but I didn't want to. I told her I would take it off when I felt I needed to and when I could do so safely. I don't know what I should tell her or if I should bring it up to the studio owner (the nicest and understands my medical issues because her son has some of the same). I only have less than a month with M because I am going to have college classes on T/Th and M teaches on Tuesdays only. I may even have to scale back dance depending on what my doctor says about the results of my back MRI. M also hurt my ankle and someone's knee on Saturday because she told us that we needed to dance full out (jumps and turns and everything) on concrete. The floor is concrete with 5 cm thick wood, if that, the wood is extremely thin. We normally dance in the studio but we had to go downstairs in the building because there was not enough space. The studio owner actively discourages jumping and turning on the floors because a) it's hard, it's concrete so it'll hurt to jump on and you could hurt yourself easily especially in tiny, thin fabric shoes and not tennis shoes b) the floor is slippery so you are more likely to slip/trip when doing turns or landing a jump. Tips? Should I bring it up to the studio owner or should I let it be?

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-05-09 11:53:26 UTC