How do I deal with intrusive thoughts? I get intrusive or impulsive thoughts every single day. I really don’t want to get into the specifics of what I think about, but I literally cannot make any political argument, especially online, because my mind takes everything to the most utter extreme. Every time I read about something or have an argument about anything going on in the world, my mind takes things to the illogical extreme. As an update on last time I posted, I now have a job working at my local grocery store and am slowly working on getting my driver’s license. However, even at work I often get very intrusive thoughts. Oftentimes my only coping mechanism is to think about the consequences of what would happen were I to let my intrusive thoughts win, what if I said something to someone that really rubs off on them the wrong way. What would they think of me as a person? What would they think of the store? What could happen to my job were I to let such thoughts slip? Sometimes I ask to go outside and bring in the carts (a bad habit I have because I stay out there in the heat for way too long) and that often allows me to let my mind run. But other than that that’s basically it. I’ve had yet to get intrusive thoughts while driving, and honestly I really don’t want to. I just wish there was some sort of gold bullet to all of my problems. I just wish there was some magical pill that would make all of my intrusive thoughts and other urges of my Asperger’s, ADHD, and OCD all disappear. But alas there is no one single pill that can fix all of that, and they all have side effects like making me jittery or extremely tired and depressed.

Posted by tobywan013276 at 2024-05-08 22:08:57 UTC