Update: My mom refused family therapy for years. She finally agreed late last year to go but quit after the first few times. She was being super mean/rude/disrespectful and overall acting super stressed. Now that she hasn't been going to family therapy or even just normal therapy for a while and I have been being super submissive she finally quit being that way all the time. She still does it occasionally but she is not doing it nearly as much as she was. She does it maybe a few times a week now instead of multiple times a day. It's almost as if she can't take no and can't take that she may be wrong sometimes. I'm scared that she might get worse because with me doing lifecoaching that is billed under ABA, insurance requires "parent training" with it being billed under ABA. I'm scared that the "parent training" might get under her skin again and she might start being that way 24/7 again. I really want to continue with the lifecoaching but it is really expensive and we can't afford it if it is not covered under insurance. However, if she is forced to do the "parent training" it might become worse and she might start being that way 24/7 again. Tips? Also side note.... we recently watched the series on Peacock called The Tatooist of Auschwitz and she has been listening to a lot more music. When I was a baby she designated a song to be her and my song, the song is "You're Gonna Be" by Reba McEntire. Now, this could be a really big coincidence and I am not ruling that out but she has started being nicer and recognizing certain things like when she raises her voice (when she isn't uncontrollably mad she recognizes it). It seems like it might be correlated because of the topics in both the series and the song. Both have lessons about how kids will have to deal with their parents' actions and mistakes for potentially the rest of their life. It's quite weird..... she hasn't been picking arguments with me 24/7 ever since watching that series and her listening to that song in her playlist she plays during her shower (she plays music really loud because she refuses to get a shower speaker and listens to it on her Amazon Alexa and she is hard of hearing to a degree, she can't hear high pitch sounds so that is why I know because you can hear it even outside of the apartment).

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-05-08 00:35:03 UTC