My son who is on the spectrum/ Aspergers is graduating from High school in two weeks. I am so excited for him. It's been a long road to this point. As a parent how do I point him towards getting a job and being realistic in his dreams without squelching his dreams? When people ask him what he wants to do for a living he says be a rock-climbing instructor. He's only rock climbed once. I want to think outside the box with him and if that is what he becomes that's exciting. In the meantime, is it okay for us to help him find more realistic goals, or one goal at a time? I want to dream with him, I also want him to get a job that helps support this goal/ dream. Sometimes his goals/ dreams feel unrealistic. I don't want him to stop dreaming or having long term goals. This is new territory with him.

Posted by kuslerc at 2024-05-07 15:29:41 UTC