I know this isn’t a good place to ask for professional medical advice, but I feel that this is just common sense I’m lacking. I’ve been extremely anxious, and currently taking Propranolol. It’s a blood pressure medication, and my “nurse” (whom filled in for my psychiatrist who was out at the time), gave me 120mg instead of 80. The entire time he was glancing at my chest, interrupting me to tell me to just “take a cold shower” for s/h and violence issues (ice/cold things trigger me because of bad experiences with them in the past, so cold showers don’t work on me). He rushed me out the door, cursed like a sailor the entire session, and tried to “solve” my issues without hearing my issues in the first place. I have violent thoughts? He literally said “oof that’s not normal. I’ll just up your dosage.” And made me leave. Idk if this is just me being sensitive, but I feel like he doesn’t do his job right. Propranolol being a BLOOD PRESSURE medication, I collapsed in the bathroom at work, unable to move , think, or even breath. It took me over 10 minutes to really gain consciousness of my surroundings again. My blood pressure ended up being 63/35. I’ve recovered and have rejoined work, and I stopped taking that dosage. What should I do in terms of the nurse, though?

Posted by Atlx.ntic at 2024-05-06 02:26:55 UTC