Hello. I (25 F) haven’t been diagnosed with autism, however, my marriage counselor has suggested I’m undiagnosed. This came as a shock to me. She works with children with autism, but isn’t qualified to diagnose adults. My fiancé studies clinical mental health counseling, and doesn’t believe I have autism. My family doesn’t believe that I have it either, with the exception of my cousin (diagnosed with Asperger’s) who said, “I don’t know.” I’ve taken many online assessments and all but one yielded, “likely neurodivergent/autistic” results. I myself don’t believe that I have it. I played sports in high school, and although I struggle with some things, I think I can function “normally.” Is it worth pursuing a diagnosis? Will it really change anything? Pros: it may help me learn about myself, help me manage things I struggle with, and help me learn how I best function. Cons: I’m not sure that I want to pay $450 (what my local psychologist charges for an assessment) to get an answer of “neurotypical.” Additionally, as a possibly high-masking adult female, I’m not sure if I would get a diagnosis even if I do have it. I have been struggling with this since my marriage counselor mentioned it. If you are diagnosed with autism, do you think it is worth it for me to pursue a diagnosis?

Posted by anonymous2525 at 2024-05-05 04:53:23 UTC