I have a really bad habit of saving excessively. It is good in some ways but in some cases I refuse to spend money even when I have it. I have been told it is likely a mix of Autism, Scarcity Trauma, Childhood PTSD, ADHD, and anxiety (wow that's more than I realized....). I have foregone meals that I could've afforded because I didn't want to pay for it. On the other side, if I go to a buffet or some kind of event that has free food, I overload on food, and if they allow me, I take some for later, and if I take some for later I will eat little by little even after it expires/goes bad. I tend to also eat/drink expired stuff and things that have gone bad, if I can stand the taste, if I have paid for it. Right now, I need forearm crutches that can't go through insurance, meaning that it is easily $100-200, $100 for a single one, 200 for both. I don't want to pay for it because I'd rather not spend money, and I have enough for only one, which is another reason I have convinced myself out of it. Pretty much the only things that I am consistently paying for is dance and gas. It's not that I don't have enough money. It's more like a fear of "What if I need this money?" Same issue with medications. Sometimes I am in such bad pain but if I can power through, even just a little bit, I tend to not take my pain medication for fear of it getting worseand me needing it later. The only time I take it is when my mom forces me or when my pain is so bad I can't move, and in those cases I often have to ask my mom if it is in another room to get it. If I am in my bedroom/bathroom I power through the pain to get it, and then collapse either on the floor or back on my bed. Tips and advice to change/overcome this thinking? I often go to purchase it and then when I am in the middle of buying it I talk myself out of it. Oh yeah, another point to add. I tend to wear my shoes down so bad that there will be holes in them and I still won't want to buy anything, I don't like buying clothes even if they are stained/faded/old, etc.

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-05-05 02:45:13 UTC