How do you respind to double standards? I.e. I'm doing laundry in about 30 minutes, after I get my shower, so that my ballet shoes can be hung up to dry in a room-temp area. If it is right after my shower, it will be hotter and mote humid than before. I put my ballet shoes in the washing machine. I go to get in my shower and as I step in, my mom starts yelling at me to come put my shoes in my bathroom. She doesn't even give me time to dry off before throwing my ballet shoes around the house, letting my dog have access to them, and sqaushing them under street shoes (all big no-nos in the dance world, and my mom danced so she OBVIOUSLY knows the rules). I go in there, my dog is licking my ballet shoes. I yell at my dog to leave it (because it was across the room) and my mom starts yelling at me that she is about to do laundry and blah blah blah and I can't have my shoes in the laundry machine. My mom REGULARLY leave her clothes in the washing machine overnight. She doesn't want our clothes to mix, especially when washing, because she would rather me have the overflow of towels (so her space can be "clean" but also complains about how messy my space is, even though I have no more room to put any towels she gives me). I also have to have unscented laundry detergent because I have sensitive skin. She gets the more expensive brand with scents for herself (all for it, but don't complain that our clothes can't mix or that you have to make an extra trip for my detergent....). I explained to her that I was going to do the laundry shortly and she interupted and wouldn't let me finish. I was done with being interupted (she does it all the time) so I yelled over her saying that I was going to do it shortly and explained some reasons. Admittedly, I shouldn't have yelled over her. I was frustrated and this always happens as soon as I get home because she wants to argue 24/7, starting as soon as I get home. My mom wants me to take EXTRA SPECIAL care of her stuff yet she can't take basic care of mine (hence her letting my dog get my ballet shoes....). I leave my clothes in the washing machine for less than a minute (with the intention of 30 minutes max) and get yelled at. However, she gets mad whenever I ask her to simply remove her clothes from the washing machine when they have been sitting there for a long period of time. How do you deal with double standards? Tips? Advice?

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-05-05 01:40:54 UTC