Does anyone have any experience with Make A Wish or other wish granting organizations? My social worker recently told me that I qualify since I am an extreme Level 2 in some areas and I also qualify with some of my other diagnoses such as hEDS, and AMPS (only because it is combined with other diagnoses). When my social worker told me I qualified, I was taken aback and I immediately thought that I didn't want to take a wish away from another kid. My social worker said I could go ahead and sign up since I have very little time before I am disqualified due to age. I went ahead and signed up with her but I have been having a big dilemma ever since. I don't want to take it away from another kid, but at the same time she said that I did qualify. I didn't know that my diagnoses qualify as "life-threatening" but apparentally they do. I do understand that I have come close to being extremely disabled/injured. I also tend to think adults are following me but they aren't, so sometimes I get lost. That was more of an issue when I was little, because I couldn't take care of myself. However, it would be nice to meet some of my idols that helped me get through the worst times in my life and have even pulled me out of some severe bouts of depression, anxiety, fear, etc. There is one that I have listened to every single album and every single song that she has ever released, at least 5 times each. There is another that I listen to her songs constantly and I have only not listened to one album. They are not very popular, especially among kids, so that gives me a little less guilt about signing up, because that is what I would use my wish for. I also recognize that it took me forever to realize saying I am Autistic is not taking it away from others, because I am Autistic and yes it is not a Level 3, but I have been diagnosed as an extreme Level 2 in social areas and Level 1 in other areas. Tips? Should I go through or should I not continue with the process?

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-05-02 23:50:50 UTC