Okay Danny let's talk trauma and ASD. This past weekend a car drove into our living room! Partner 42M and myself 33F both likely on the spectrum were in the living room when it happened. He was next to the wall when the car came through. We are okay and technically can stay in the unit, but we're not sure how structurally sound the building is (mngmet is very slow, and no inspection has been done). He can't handle staying there anymore, and I'm having PTSD flashbacks everytime a car drives by. He's now regularly melting down. Physically we are unharmed, but emotionally we're both falling into a bad place. He won't see a therapist, and I'm on several wait-lists for EMDR therapy. Any advice for ASD and acute trauma?

Posted by millersam07 at 2022-07-06 19:55:37 UTC