I feel like I am constantly being forced into stuff I don't want to do. When I speak up, I am "rude." It's all about everyone else. Yes, I understand I might have to do things I don't want to from time to time, but I do those things just fine. However, when it is something I can't do because I will be physically or mentally hurt, and I speak up for myself, it is like I never do anything. I was forced to help move heavy furniture and boxes when we moved last year. I had a sprained ankle, sprained MCL (knee) and I had a bone bruise on the opposite foot. What the heck is expected of me? Does anyone else experience this? If you are injured should you not avoid lifting furniture that is 300+ lbs or boxes that are about 50-100 lbs? I'm so confused. Then, when I take breaks during dance so that I prevent my body from getting too worn out (I time them for 5 minutes every 30 because I have hEDS, hypermobile ehler's danlos syndrome, and I tend to get injured a lot so it is more of a precaution and I have informed my dance teachers, one understands, one does not) one of my dance teachers will make comments that I don't have endurance. Trust me I have endurance. I have tons of endurance but do I want to get injured right before recital? No. No I do not. So before recital I tend to take breaks so that way I can ensure I won't get injured. Tips?

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-05-01 15:04:08 UTC