I have a question, will a dog help my daughter? She says she has to pretend at school to be "normal" and for people to like her, because if she shows her true self, her friends won't want to hang around her anymore and will label her as too intense or weird, so she pretends the whole time that she's at school someone who is not her. It's getting to her and it's exhausting she says, getting her to school is a big deal every morning. She doesn't feel like she can show her true self, so she feels alone and alienated. Will a dog help her feel needed and help with the feeling of being someone else? She's 13, in middle school, so the hormones are raging and mood swings are off the roof. She's diagnosed with OCD which is in control thru medication,and major Depression disorder which is in control thru the same OCD medication sometimes and has Asperger's. She's also trans.

Posted by oliviabaca1 at 2024-04-30 19:04:06 UTC