My in-laws seem to think that just because one autistic person can do a certain thing that they all can, like for instance, my son is not a particularly good swimmer and did not enjoy college, but has maintained a part time job for 90 days now. My in-laws are constantly on him to go to college and today they decided to add that they have a friend who's relative is on the spectrum and works as a life guard and goes to college. While I think that's great, my son is not a good swimmer, thus cannot be a life guard. They just can't understand that my son is his own person and has his own strengths and likely makes more at his job as a stocker at a grocery store than he would as a life guard. My son was lucky to graduate from high school. It was a huge accomplishment for him and college isn't what he wants to do right now. They never praise him for his accomplishments!

Posted by kroosfairy at 2024-04-30 01:17:26 UTC