Ugh. I need advice. My mom keeps telling me that I need to pay $45 to dance. Background: My dance studio is completely donation based because the studio space is donated by a school/church and they do not need much more other than that. Old ballet shoes are even donated for kids that need to borrow ballet shoes, same with leotards, tights, and other dance outfits. The only thing you are paying for is the teacher's time. She does not care how much she gets paid as she is paid a lot anyways (can even afford to put all 4 of her kids in private school) and she does it mainly for fun. It is a suggested $45 donation but you can pay more or less. We don't have that much money to pay $45 every single month and sometimes my medical bills go into account so I need to put more money towards that. Sometimes, (my dance teacher is completely okay with it) I pay $20 a month and as I can, I pay more than $45 a month. My mom keeps saying thaf because I am Autisitic I don't understand the "underwritten rule" that if it is suggested $45 you need to pay $45-50. I keep telling her that I have talked with my dance teacher and she is perfectly okay with it and has even said she would much rather me be healthy than pay her. My mom says that they will start singling me out and not allowing me to participate if I don't pay $45-50 every month, no more, no less. I would think that if my dance teacher says it is okay and if she knows my situation and if I pay more when I can, that I am following the rules and that would be okay for me to continue doing that???? She isn't singling me out right now (the other teacher is but she can not see how much kids are paying and is a literal stick and has made comments about me otherwise, she has never been injured and doesn't understand that when you are injured you need to listen to your body, and doesn't even teach that often... She has even actively encouraged kids to dance despite hurting themselves within the same class.) I am literally doing what the studio was designed for. My mom even wanted me to pay when I was out for a month due to surgery and my teacher wouldn't take it. My mom went as far to say that I was lying about it and she wasn't believing me. I told my counselor and she said she doesn't see the problem and that it should be okay for me to continue doing what I am doing. I even am going to donate my old ballet shoes I just found in my closet, to her on Monday to put in her stash of ballet shoes for kids who need it. I have even brought her various gifts and even plan on bringing her a treat on Monday before class. Is this just me or is my mom correct??? I am so confused and am getting so many mixed messages.

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-04-27 04:28:18 UTC