Update: I started lifecoaching (billed under ABA therapy so it is covered underneath insurance) and I love it. They help me with my struggles such as not being able to express my emotions, being painfully shy to strangers, and helping me with self-care. The thing I am most confused is that my mom acts COMPLETELY different while they are in the house. She doesn't yell or get mad over simple things when they are here. They are coming out for 25 hours a week (so about 5 hours, 5 days a week) meaning my mom is oddly being nice without having the feeling as if she has to yell at me as often???? She gets mad and snaps occasionally whenever the therapist is not here but I feel less stressed. I do get exhausted more because it is exhausting having to interact with someone for that long for me. However, in terms of relationship issues with my mom they are greatly reducing even though I am not changing much. I feel much better mentally because I'd rather get exhausted from interacting with someone who isn't an emotional trainwreck and trying to help me with basic things without getting mad at small things than get stressed having someone who is not emotionally stable and can not control their emotions. However, my mom is now starting to REORGANIZE my room and she KNOWS not to touch anything without my permission because she will make a bigger mess, throw stuff away that I didn't want thrown away, and mess up my organization that I then have to spend hours redoing my entire room, bathroom, and closet. That is the most frustrating for me. Anyways, that's my rant. I've tried some suggestions but my mom isn't really responding to any of them. Any more tips/advice would be much appreciated.

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-04-27 02:23:55 UTC