Edit to preface this: I am not looking for recommendations on a specific doctor. I am looking for what I could look up to find it (i.e. a PCP is not called a pediatrician for an adult, only for kids, as an example). Does anyone have any luck getting teens and young adults into developmental pediatricians or the equivalent? Most places we have called around us are for kids 5 and under only. I'm looking for someone that can help me with developmental goals and suggestions for my therapists. I have OT, PT, ST, therapy/counseling, and ABA therapy (not really ABA standards but they bill it under ABA therapy so it is covered, it is esentially a life coach more-or-less to help me transition into adulthood) and would like them all to be done by one doctor because currently they are all referred by different doctors (pain management, PCP, orthopedic) and my pain management and orthopedic are forcing me to finally transition to adultcare and they are not going to care for me after october of this year. I would like to have everything ready to go but my adult PMR place has had so many issues and they don't do many procedures like Botox like my current pain management does. She takes it from a holistic patient perspective (not just pushing medications, she does tactics not involving medications) but I am nervous about bringing up some of the things she is doing as they are not as qualified as my pain management doctor (she has degrees in neurology, PMR, acupuncture and chinese medicine, anesthesiology, etc. and we go to her for many things, we go to her before my orthopedic to make sure that it is not an injury and it is just pain whenever I get injured, and she pretty much deals with ALL medications associated with surgery because I also have malignant hyperthermia (dangerous, rare reaction to anesthesia) so she can approach surgery from both in the OR and for the pain after coming out of the OR. I am very nervous transitioning out and my pain management is used as mainly my primary care doctor because even my PCP runs everything by her to make sure nothing will harm me further. My PCP is not used to many rare conditions that I have and many are not, that is why I have so many different specialists. Luckily, some of my providers are not strictly pediatrics so I can continue going to some doctors such as my immunologist and others. My PCP says they will officially kick me out in 3 years, so I have a little bit to go. Anyways, to sum up, I am looking for a doctor that can help with Autism/Asperger's and ADHD that is not nesscarily a psychologist because I am already officially diagnosed and my PCP can control medications. Someone who can help with developmental issues (such as me needing OT to do many self-care tasks) and also not a psychologist because I do not need one and they aren't very good at assessing health as a whole when it comes to rare disorders (out of many... AMPS and MH are the most important). Any ideas? Names of what the doctor would be called so I can look up some near me? Sorry for my rant, lol. I am getting very stressed over transitioning because I am a VERY COMPLICATED patient. Many of my disorders got misdiagnosed and missed for years (I am late-diagnosed with Autism for example and just got diagnosed with AMPS instead of just chronic pain just last year...) I was also told that I would be a good candiate for foundations such as Make-A-Wish but it would have to be recommended by a doctor that I am transitioning to due to the long waiting list and they may have more questions for the doctor, so hopefully if they could also do that, that would be wonderful because I have always wanted to meet both Kelsea Ballerini and Lauren Daigle because theh helped me tremendously through many tough times in my life.

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-04-26 03:02:25 UTC