Hoping to get advice. My son is about to turn 13. He was.diagnosed with high-functioning autism around age 8. He has been in 1-1 therapy since then. He is in mainstream school and is extremely bright. But he had very low motivation for school. He has struggled to make friends and eats lunch alone. At home he is prone to extreme outbursts, so getting him to do homework is a challenge. He said he feels lonely at school because while there are other kids on the spectrum, they are apparently not high-functioning. I think he would greatly benefit from a group of similar peers but where we live (Tucson) I haven’t been able to find anything. There are summer camps in other states but logistics and cost is an issue. Anyone have experience in starting a local group? Anyone in the Tucson area interested? It is so hard to see the potential in him and yet he is struggling so much. Any advice would be appreciated!

Posted by tomweede at 2024-04-22 16:20:54 UTC