Inexpensive hobbies? I have a few I hyperfocus on, I am AuDHD so I can't do many all day but sometimes I randomly get a bunch of motivation (between the two sides of my brain fighting: Autism and ADHD sides) and do it. I also have a ton of strength, fine motor, and stamina issues I am looking to improve with some fun hobbies. Here are some of my hobbies in case anyone needs some inspo, I need some too so if you have some ideas, those would be good too. Playing Games on my Phone (not an ad but I use Mistplay where you can get some gift cards for playing games on your phone and it helps to refresh what games I play as you can only play a game a max of 2 hours a day and up to level 20 so if you play everyday, for say 2 hours, after a few weeks it is maxed which is about what time it takes me to get bored of a game) 3D Printing/3D Pen (when I feel like it + when I have access and ideas, like I made an arm at my college's 3D printer to use for a competition in making prosthetics) Prosthetics (watching videos, learning, sketching, making, even doing shadowing/internships and in the fall hopefully I will have a paid internship) Organizing and reorganizing Playing with my dog (she hates going outside she is scared of it, and I hate going outside so it works for both of us to play in the house and to hide her toys for her to find them in about a minute, when she is not sleeping of course) Recently I have been binge watching dateline (2 episodes at a time because my attention span isn't that long lol) I do dance 3 times a week for 3 hours, and once I get a bit stronger I plan to exercise more at home with various exercise equipment that many dancers recommend. (I am currently in PT, OT, and ST, the OT and ST is for general things while PT is working on strengthening my joints due to hypermobility and my sprained ankle) Also Legos are fun but are really expensive and I rather build them and not play with them, so that's like a one and done kinda thing... I don't have the attention span to read, so that's out of the question, I read 10 books at a time because I get bored so easily and need sound constantly but if there is sound I can't focus on reading, lol. I also have a ton of allergies so I can't do many things outside, unfortunately, and also can't be around people without a mask on due to me having an immune deficiency. I also plan on volunteering at my local human society as a pet socializer as soon as they open applications (typically in late April early May). Also, as soon I am old enough I am going to volunteer for my local hospital's neonatal baby cuddler/socializer because who wouldn't want to hug babies all day??

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-04-22 01:12:41 UTC