Do any other NTs take the phrase "I know" as rude/disrespectful/offense? The only person I know who takes it that way is my mom and people in our family who have mental illnesses (besides Autism, they don't have any Autism diagnoses or traits). She says she wants me to remove that phrase from my vocabularly yet she REGULARLY uses the phrases "I know" or "I get it" even when she doesn't know and will later ask questions about the same topic she claimed she knew about. This doesn't happen every once in a while, it happens regularly, all the time. Is this a common way of thinking in NTs or is this just her? And when I say that phrase it is normally an acknowledgement of I know I have to do this thing, I understand it. Typically, I don't say this the first time, I only say it when people keep repeating the same thing over and over again. My mom uses it in a "shut up" kind of way. Almost like she is annoyed, at least that is how I see it, and she has admitted she only says it when she "isn't thinking" because when I asked her why she can say I know but I can't she gave a half-answer, took a very deep breath, and said "I didn't mean to, I wasn't thinking" which is typically her excuse to everything.

Posted by Annoymous at 2024-04-18 15:15:30 UTC