Update: I just did something really stupid. I now believe my mom may not be bipolar, I think she has narcissistic personality disorder. I finally made that revelation. I thought she was in a good mood to talk about setting TWO boundaries. Just two: 1. Validating my feelings 2. Not interuptting me every time I speak and/or talking over me. When I talked about these I got yelled at and made to seem like I was causing all issues. My dog got extremely scared and defensive of me, and when I went in my bedroom to stop the argument, my dog ran up and started licking the tears off my face. My mom followed shortly after trying to continue the argument. I told her to stop and that I was trying not to blow up and to let me finish what I was doing and leave me to calm down a bit. She was not having any of it, claiming she was keeping her calm (she was not) and everything else. She made herself seem like the victim and like I take away everything from her and I am a burden. I am starting to see that she may be narcissistic. Any tips on trying to get out of the situation? I have no family, am not old enough for legal documents (so no moving out and no seeing doctors on my own other than therapists, physical therapists, and others in that realm). I really want to take my dog with me, wherever that may be. I have recently found out that my college won't let me sign a dorm lease by myself, and because my mom made bad choices and went in debt and had to file bankruptcy, she can't co-sign a lease. My mom isolated herself and I years ago, (I will give her that most of our family are violent and crazy as I have seen first hand so I don't think the family part was isolation like the typical narcissist would do. Any tips? I'm crying in my bathroom, I believe I'll be alone for a bit. She said she couldn't validate my feelings because "I have a lot of feelings." And she has said for years that my feelings are "wrong." I am now starting to put together the pieces and I think she sees it (like when I mentioned she might be bipolar and by me trying to get her to see a family therapist with me for years) and is realising she is slowly losing control. She threatened to kick me out and that I could "blow up outside that door" as she was pointing towards the front door. Sorry for my rant and for any rypos as I am currently crying on the floor typing this and may not have caught everything.

Posted by Annoymous at 2024-04-17 01:07:24 UTC