Tips in this situation?: I've tried explaining to my mom numerous times that she can never fully understand where I am coming from. She can empathize, but not understand. And then she will make a snarky, snappy, and snippy comment to the effect of "I get it. You have a ton of medical conditions." She's NT. I don't think she understand nor cares to understand but I want to just write a simple text so that way she can never say that I never tried to teach her/tell her. I just want to basically tell her (like right now she got mad that I wasn't doing the dishes fast enough because A) I don't have the strength/stamina to do it all at once, and numerous doctors, physical therapists, AND occupational therapists have tried explaining to her that I need breaks. And B) (made a post detailing this part) she told "friends" that they could come over despite me having an immune efficiency and then coming over in December and getting me sick then, from which I have been sick on and off ever since, and they came over KNOWING they were sick (found that out today) and I told her that I was going to get sick, but she didn't believe me and told me she wants to let them invite themselves over and not say no just in case anything happens, she has a place to stay. She also knew I had surgery the week before, and still let them come over, meaning I AM NOT THE PERSON WHO GOT ME SICK IT IS HER FAULT! I have been having a tension mygraine since (now confirmed due to strep) and she got mad thay I couldn't move because it was so painful. I tried explaining to her that I can not move and while she can work through pain, I can't. She then said "I get it. You have a bunch of medical conditions." I then tried explaining to her that she can never fully understand. She can empathize but she can't understand. I told her, I have a heightened sense of pain. I'm going through many emotional times in my life right now. I am sick, and it isn't even my fault I am sick. Add to that, I am clearly neurodivergent and am just finding that out now. Then she cut me off. She just repeated (in a much more snarkier, snippier tone) "I get it. You have a bunch of medical conditions.") I just want to send her a simple text, more for documentation so if she ever says that she didn't know or nobody told her, I can show her the text and say that I indeed told her. I just want a way to tell her that she can never fully understand, however she can empathize, just like how she says nobody can fully understand and give advice to her when she was getting divorced unless they went througb a divorce themselves. She thinks she knows everything just because she is my mom. She claims that she can feel my pain, even when I don't tell her that I am in pain yet. That makes no sense because she believed the doctors when they told her I was just making up the pain. Anyways, got off track there. Any ideas?

Posted by Annoymous at 2024-04-16 22:36:39 UTC