Hi, Danny/All. I have been learning so much from the course as well as Facebook posts. My journey is that I believe I have finally found a “diagnosis” for my 29 year old son, in that, I believe Asperger’s + Defense Mode are the keys, now, for us to unravel with him. He does not have the “anger” piece so I am grateful we have a decent relationship. He is currently living in our basement, mostly, has a part time job, a dog he cares for, drives, and spends hours on live video gaming, as well as other “symptoms.” I am looking to get a diagnosis for him, as well as our more effort in to getting him to commit to working on getting himself out of Defense mode. Is there anyone in this group who lives in CT, has an adult child with this and has connected with a good mental health expert? Or even a good on line group/doctor we could connect with. Thank you.

Posted by nkmwood at 2024-04-16 14:51:10 UTC