In your experiences, how have you seen Christian faith develop in teens and young adults? My son is 14, sys he believes in God and the Bible, Holy Spirit, Jesus, etc. and he has alot of head knowledge and interest about it. But I don't see a close personal relationship with God or any desire to sing or praise Him in church. My child says the music is overwhelming (drums) but he listens to loud screaming music sometimes. I get that that is the music he enjoys and is choosing. So is it delayed/difficult/non-existent for you (AE) to have strong emotions about beliefs? He wants to attend church to learn. I am on the praise/worship team singing and I want him to be there with me (selfishly). Do any of you have strong connections with God with emotions or does God just feel too absent? Thank you so much!

Posted by DandyLion at 2024-04-15 19:22:31 UTC