My 16 year old son on the spectrum really needs help with taking the time to properly shower, brush teeth, etc. For example, when he showers, I'm not even quite sure he is really washing himself correctly ( even though we have gone over it many times), but just standing under the water ( which he keeps extremely hot and has caused his skin to be dry and break out) He immediately gets out of the shower, hardly dries off, and gets dressed when still partially wet. He then complains throughout the day that he feels sweaty or he always thinks he peed on himself ( but we explain it is that he never fully dried himself) This goes on each day and his OCD has him constantly thinking he peed on himself and is always going to the bathroom ( he has been checked ny multiple urologists and has no issues) This is just one of the many things he does. Is there any sort of life skills coach that comes into a home to help with these things? My husband and I are at a loss of years trying many things to help him.

Posted by Sunshine24 at 2024-04-15 02:58:28 UTC