I am a neurotypical mom and wife to a husband and son on the spectrum. I am finding it very challenging to manage some issues. I like social interaction, and of course I need to feel seen and heard sometimes. I feel hurt when I listen and give attention to someone else when they talk about themselves and something they care about, but they do not ask about me or pick up on any of the clues I give about things I would like to talk about. Or when I start to talk and myself and it is met with silence or the conversation gets directed back to them. I am guessing parents of even neurotypical children have this issue when their kids become teenagers and don't want to talk to their parents. I am not sure whether to just allow it to a certain extent and then when I start to feel that resentment come in, I just excuse myself and do something alone? Just exist silently side by side? Try to address it head on when they are out of defense mode? Do people with autism experience this with other people with autism? I truly want to be kind and be there for my loved ones, but I need to save time and energy to get my own needs met in other ways so I can have the reserves to help when I am really needed.

Posted by sophieno at 2024-04-14 21:40:04 UTC