My mom has blown up at me EVERY SINGLE DAY this week. She says things like I am a "ungrateful brat" and thinks she sees everything and knows everything, like she is an all-knowing God. Sorry, I'm christian and I won't be bowing down and treating a PERSON like a God. My mom is also christian so it doesn't make sense to me. One example was when I was eating lunch. I went to go get 1 small cookie at the end before finishing cleaning (despite me hurting my back yesterday by hitting my spine on a corner of a piece of heavy furniture). She yells at me and says "You will wait! You are overeating!" I tell her I haven't had much for lunch. She said that I had a "big plate" and that I had 2 servings of her meatloaf. I tell her that I had one. She then says that there were 2 servings in the Tupperware and now it was empty. I tell her I ate one yesterday for dinner. She then starts saying things like I am "overeating" and she is trying to help me and she saw that I had a big plate and whatever else but can't give me anymore evidence. She is the reason I have body image issues. She is the reason I hate eating in front of others. She is the reason I am freaking getting bariatric surgery. I don't know how much I can tell her that it is HER not me. She told me the other day when I broke down crying, and didn't respond to her at all, that I need a confidence boost and a self-esteem boost. I didn't want to tell her that she is the reason and that my last straw was her not letting me try something to fix a broken snap on a prom dress to a prom that SHE is FORCING me to go to. She's also been using my Autism diagnosis as a weapon now. "Oh you misunderstood me." "Oh you didn't understand what I meant. That was sarcasm." "Oh you don't pick up on body language and facial expressions so you didn't see my true intentions." It's always me who gets blamed for everything. I get blamed for her outbursts. I can't even have a heart-to-heart with her without her getting mad. After I suggested she may be bipolar and she should get evaluated she stayed mad for a while. She recently told me, after I told her that I was getting exhausted from just a small fraction of things that were exhausting her, "Are you bipolar? Do you need to take meds for that?" It was so stupid. I responded to her, which made her madder, "I have Autism. That is a part of Autism. I get exhausted from social situations." I am done. I have no clue what to do anymore and if I want to give my future kids a better life, with access to medical diagnoses sooner in life, I need to live with her until I get done with college, about another 4 years (post-grad degree) so that I can get out of the eternal cycle of debt my family is in. I am lost. I need help. Please tips and advice please.

Posted by Annoymous at 2024-04-14 16:33:48 UTC