My therapist recently told me to stop saying the word "try" and gave the quote "To do or do not. There is no trying" or whatever that quote from yoda is (I don't watch star wars or much fiction at all really). I don't understand this. If I don't know if I can do something for sure I say that I will try just so the other person knows that I may not be able to do it. If I know I can do something for sure, without a doubt in the world, then I say "I will...." Tips? I also feel I do not give myself enough credit. Everyone has told me to feel proud of myself for certain things. I made a previous post and got some really good comments about how to feel proud and what feeling proud is, but after trying I still really don't understand. I know that it isn't normal for someone to graduate 3 semesters early and go into college with credits to start out as a junior. I know it isn't normal to have graduated college before high school and have a projected college graduation of 3-5 semesters for a Bachelor's degree and only 2 more for a master's. (Graduating with a master's and half a residency at 20-21ish). I know it isn't normal to already have at least 50 hours worth of residency before being a legal adult. However, I still don't feel enough. I feel like I constantly have to do more. I feel I am constantly striving for more. I don't understand. Even my closest friends, in my own school, didn't know until the next semester that I graduated. They found out through someone else that found out from teachers, that found out through the attendance website and having a meeting with the counselor. Can anyone help?

Posted by Annoymous at 2024-04-14 04:00:54 UTC