I have sensory sensitivities to slimy, oily, extreme crunchy/hard (the stuff where it hurts your teeth and jaw to chew such as like raw pasta or stale stuff, potato chips, and also raw vegetables), and soggy foods (conedensation is the most common source of this). I was just diagnosed with a sucrase defficiency. This means my normal vegetables that I like, such as broccoli, have come completely off my potential list of foods, as I can not eat them now due to high sucrose in them. Fruits like bananas are also off my list. The only milk I like (that I have also been able to handle small amounts of) is Lactaid (Lactose free milk, because I also have lactose intolerance). I hate the taste of almond and soy milk. Lactaid milk is now off limits. I am now supposed to have as little sugar as possible. However, I have been told to increase protein. The only protein drink I have found that my body can handle is Orgain (chocolate version, have not tried others), this now makes sense as virtually all protein drinks/foods have high amounts of sucrase in them due to the milk and protein sources they use, and I have not been able to handle 99% of common market items (such as premier protein, muscle milk, and really anything with whey protein in it). I have tried Pedialyte in the past to get more hydration and nutrients but it has always tasted very salty to me. I can no longer have Gatorade, my body's hydration drink of choice, due to the sucrase found in it. I have recently bought a Pedialyte to try it during my Low-Sucrase FoodMap Diet plan, once my stomach has reset. I am hoping it does not taste as salty, I am also planning on trying the unflavored one with water flavoring. Anymore tips considering my sensory sensitivities (listed above, at the beginning of this post) and needing to be on a low sucrase diet (aka low sugar, also including naturally found sugars in fruits and vegetables)? Additionally, Ranch Lite (I hate regular ranch so I guess it is good that I like Ranch Lite as it does have less sugar in it) is what makes any food taste better and makes it to where I can eat it (if I hate a meal, I can drown it in Ranch Lite most of the time and I will love it). Any tips for a Ranch that tastes the same or similar (I use Hidden Valley Ranch Lite) yet has less sugar in it so that I can use more of it?

Posted by Annoymous at 2024-04-14 02:00:46 UTC