Can someone explain all about burnout to me as if I am a little child? I believe I hit Autistic Burnout. I believe I have hit this multiple times before, just before being diagnosed as being Autistic. I believe I hit my last straw last week. If anyone can explain the following topics as if I am a little kid: How do you know you are in Autistic Burnout? What are the differences between Autistic Burnout and other conditions such as Burnout, Depression, etc.? How do you cope? How do you deal with it and get over it? How long does it last? Does it get better towards the end stages? Right now it sucks. Does sensitivity heighten? (In terms of sensory, emotional, etc.) Are there any medications to manage symptoms? How do I bring this up to my therapist? She used to work in the school systems with kids that have learning disabilities, such as Autism, but I don't know how to bring it up to her and what if she thinks I am overexaggerating or doesn't believe me? I love my therapist and she is the first one I have trusted, and the one who initially brought up Autism as a potential diagnosis and gave me diagnostic resources, but I haven't hit any really big topics when it comes to Autism other than the inability to express my emotions and describe them and some of the issues I have had with NTs, but she says even NTs have those issues (which makes me feel even worse because I feel even more alone). What is the difference between Autistic Burnout and symptoms of PTSD from childhood trauma?

Posted by Annoymous at 2024-04-12 03:26:35 UTC