Any advice? My 16 year old autistic kiddo (they/them pronouns )missed several weeks of school in January after going to a PHP. Apparently upon return to school, kids were asking where they had been. They go to a very small private school. Being asked questions made them feel really bad. Fast forward to March, and they missed the week after Spring Break from being sick and now have major anxiety about going back this week because they know kids will ask where they have been. They don't care about answering, the anxiety stems from knowing that kids will ask and they hate being asked questions. I told them that they had been through it once so know how it felt, but that they got through it and survived it and that was actually a positive. That made them feel worse though. What else can I tell them that could be helpful to work through this anxiety about being asked questions?

Posted by skinra at 2024-04-09 15:10:00 UTC