Support please! My 17 year old son has Aspergers. School has always been a struggle in one way or another. This year, he did great the first half of the year, he was engaging with his classes and I could tell he was really making an effort and feeling proud of his accomplishments. Then, a few weeks ago, his anxiety related to school skyrocketed, to the point he was not able to go to school at all. He was off for spring break, but then going back after was very difficult. He missed full and partial days due to his anxiety. I spoke with his school and they were actually really understanding. They let him have some days off and then he started working on getting back to school one class at a time. That was going pretty well and he was making progress but then the school turned around and said he has to be in school full days. Well, of course, that caused his anxiety to skyrocket again and again, he’s not in school today. This has been incredibly stressful for him and for me and I don’t know what exactly to do. We’ve started some anti-anxiety medication, which does seem to be helping. I think if he can continue at his own pace, he’ll get there, but if the school is adding extra constraints it’s going to continue to increase anxiety. I feel so alone. I’m a single mom and I have another child to care for as well.

Posted by lcblk27 at 2024-04-09 14:33:50 UTC