An Update to one of my previous posts: Friends that came over at christmas got me sick and I have stayed sick (sick even right now) because I have an immune defficiency. They also gave me a fungal infection on one of my nails that I am still dealing with as it is resistant to many antibiotics. They also steal our money big time. They say that they will pay us back but never do. At christmas they apparently "budgeted badly" and only had $15 to drive around 1000 miles. They asked for $300. We don't have a bank in state where we can withdraw money so we went to the dollar store to get cash back. She made several transactions with our card and was able to get $200 before it locked us out of our account. We couldn't buy anything for 2 weeks because our bank was closed for christmas. They have stole probably several thousands of dollars from us over the years. Our rules for anyone that comes over and stays at our house is you must wear a mask (unless staying overnight), and you must take a shower as soon as you get here and whenever we go somewhere. You must wear a mask whenever we go anywhere. They did not follow that at christmas time. We went out everyday but one and they got ONE shower the entire time. She said we would never allow them over again. They wanted to come over April 7-9. We told them okay. Then, one day later we had to schedule surgery for April 1. We were not supposed to have anyone stay over two weeks before and after the surgery. They said okay they would not come. Then, on Friday (sometime around there) they texted and asked about my immune levels. We told them that it was getting better but was still dangerously low. They asked if they could come and pressured majorly. My mom does not want to "burn the bridge" between them so she gave in. They came over at midnight Saturday and were so loud that I could not get sleep with my white noise machine full blast and earplugs that are specially molded to my ears to block out all sound. I also had a youtube video going with white noise. I got maybe 2 hours of sleep because they were so loud. They were supposed to get showers. We heard the water running, but when they left this morning we found out they did not get a shower at all and just turned on the water (as evident by no towels or rags being used and their hair did not get wet at all, they were only in the bathroom about 5 minutes which is not enough time to air dry, especially their hair). There was a hail storm that went through last night. They pressured us to park in a spot where both of our cars could get towed, theirs in our covered spot (paid), and ours in another covered spot. It got towed overnight. It was $400 to get the car back and they refuse to pay and have been ignoring our texts and phone calls after telling them how much it was. They should've left before the hail storm but were too lazy to get up and pack their car. While they were here they pressured me to go to the cat cafe. I am allergic to cats. When we got back my friend told their mom about the cat cafe. The mom said "Oh so we didn't die did we?" And then my friend said to her mom that she shouldn't be that way. That night I ended up having to take 2 rounds of benadryl and got major rashed on my hands. We have no family or anything and have some friends local. However, my mom won't say no to them, despite them taking all our money and them making literally triple my mom's salary (their salary is 6 figures, our salary can barely buy us food). I keep telling her to just say no and let them figure it out but she always says she doesn't want to "burn the bridge" between them. I have tried telling her that if they don't care enough to take precautions such as showers and masks (which they did not wear the entire time while we were out) to protect me and not literally kill me, then it is not worth it and wasn't meant to be. I am at a loss on how to communicate this to my mom because I have been telling her for 12 years (ever since we met them). She also claims I am rude for wanting to be in my room the whole time they were there (I just claimed I had a mygraine) and not wanting to stay up way past when I normally go to bed for them (normally go to bed at 10-11 and they wanted to stay up until 2am). Anyways that's my rant, apologies. Any tips or advice for my situation would be nice.

Posted by Annoymous at 2024-04-09 11:04:02 UTC