I am terrible at trying to relate to others so any tips on the following would be helpful: What would you say each number on the pain scale is at? I am typically always in pain so I stay at like a 4/10 so whenever I get a sprained ankle it jumps to a 7/10 or 8/10 or a severe mygraine is typically at a 7/10. Medical professionals typically seem shocked and then I have to explain I am typically at a 4/10 anyways so it's not that high but the pain is still significant. The worse pain in my life has been eye surgery which is what I currently imagine as a 10/10 (eye surgery, misheard my mom so I was like 12 without any pain meds after eye surgery where they literally cut the muscle that controls your eyes and adjusts it to the right position and sutures it back on your actual eyeball, look up strabismus eye surgery, it is really really painful). I would like to not have to explain my weird pain scale everytime and just relate it to something they are used to. Any ideas? I.e. if a sprained ankle is typically a 7/10 for me but it is like a 3/10 for others, maybe I go for a 4/10 and say that my always pain is between 0-1/10. If my pain is at a normal always level I go for a 1/10, but I go for a 0.5 if it is half what is normally at or if I am on pain meds and have no pain I go for a 0. Idk, I've always used 4 because my always pain is significant but sometimes it gets better, sometimes worse.

Posted by Annoymous at 2024-04-09 02:46:48 UTC